Follow the Sand to the Real Fracking Boom


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When it takes up to four million pounds of sand to frack a single well, it’s no wonder that demand is outpacing supply and frack sand producers are becoming the biggest behind-the-scenes beneficiaries of the American oil and gas boom.

Demand is exploding for “frac sand”–a durable, high-purity quartz sand used to help produce petroleum fluids and prop up man-made fractures in shale rock formations through which oil and gas flows—turning this segment into the top driver of value in the shale revolution.

“One of the major players in Eagle Ford is saying they’re short 6 million tons of 100 mesh alone in 2014 and they don’t know where to get it. And that’s just one player,” Rasool Mohammad, President and CEO of Select Sands Corporation told

Frack sand exponentially increases the return on investment for a well, and oil…

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‘God Has Called Your Husband to the Other Shore’: The Letters that turned Wives into Widows

Irish in the American Civil War

Few historic documents intrude on the intimate emotional experiences of past people quite like the letters that brought them news of a loved ones death. To read them is to at once imagine that first occasion when they were read. Though death may have occurred days, weeks or even months before, it was the act of reading these letters that turned wives into widows, that created bereaved parents and bereaved children. That in itself makes them incredibly powerful documents, even after the passage of 150 years. How did these families react as they read each word, or (for those who were illiterate) as each word was read to them? Many of the letters below were likely read again and again, as the bereaved sought comprehension. Others may have been quickly put away, as the bereaved sought to forget.

I am currently engaged in a long-term project looking at the letters…

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SF Shows of the Week // GO4FREE to Ghostface Killah, EOTO or Dream Police


EOTO & Ghostface KillahWritten by Josh Herwitt and Scotland Miller //

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EOTO: December 5th (FRI) @ The Independent
Dream Police: December 6th (SAT) @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall & December 7th (SUN) @ Leo’s Music Club
Ghostface Killah: December 7th (SUN) @ The Independent

EOTO: December 5th (FRI) @ The Independent // BUY TICKETS
The livetronic side project made up of two String Cheese Incident members — multi-instrumentalist Michael Travis and drummer/percussionist Jason Hann — returns to The Independent for a Friday night headlining slot as part of their nine-date “Outer Orbit” mini-tour during a busy two-week stretch. Travis, who incorporates keyboards, bass, guitar and vocals into EOTO’s songs, and Hann haven’t actually released a studio album in five years, but they’ve come…

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