Citus Data open sources tool for scalable, transactional Postgres


Database startup Citus Data has open sourced a tool, called pg_shard, that lets users scale their PostgreSQL deployments across many machines while maintaining performance for operation workloads. As the name suggests, pg_shard is a Postgres extension that evenly distributes, or shards, the database as new machines are added to the cluster.

Earlier this year, Citus developed and open sourced an extension called Cstore that lets users add a columnar data store to their Postgres databases, making them more suitable for interactive analytic queries.

It’s all part of a move to transition Citus Data from being just another analytic database company into a company that’s helping drive advanced uses of Postgres, Co-founder and CEO Umur Cubukcu said. Citus launched in early 2013 promising to let Postgres users use the same SQL to query Hadoop, MongoDB and other NoSQL data stores, but has come to realize that its customers aren’t as excited about…

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Westerners in Abu Dhabi Anxious After Jihadist-Linked Murder of Teacher


Westerners in Abu Dhabi say they are concerned about rising extremism following the killing of an American teacher and the placing of a bomb outside the home of an American doctor in a state that is renowned for its security and tolerance of Western residents.

Police arrested a woman on Thursday in connection with the attacks. She was described by authorities in Abu Dhabi, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as an Emirati national in her late 30s but her name was not given. They also said that she had targeted the two Americans because of their nationality and not for any personal reason. The suspect was seen escaping from the mall in a long black robe in a video released by local police.

Late Thursday afternoon, Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, said that the suspect had been…

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This Stunning Drone Footage of Island Surfers Will Make You Desperately Want a Vacation


Can’t take a vacation right now, because of silly obstacles like your job or money or your kids or fear of flying? Well, this video is kind of like a little vacation in itself.

It features drone footage captured in the gorgeous Mentawai Islands of Indonesia and comes complete with soothing but upbeat music. So grab your headphones and allow yourself a five-minute escape from it all.

(h/t Boing Boing)

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Late to the party, Amazon finally publishes its diversity numbers


One of the last holdouts among consumer web companies has published its employee demographic information. After Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo and others did so over the summer, Amazon has now followed suit.

In August, we analyzed twelve of the biggest tech companies’ workforces, visualizing their gender and ethnicity breakdowns and comparing them to one another. So it’s easy to put Amazon’s numbers in perspective.

Its numbers are, on average, better than most of its counterparts. In terms of gender breakdown, Amazon falls right in the middle with 63 percent of its workforce men and 37 percent women. It’s less gender diverse than Yahoo, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and eBay, but more gender diverse than the eight other tech companies we analyzed, from Twitter to Cisco.

In terms of ethnic diversity, Amazon has far more black people working for it than any other big tech company. In fact…

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